How to Avoid Spider Bites – Tips from Penn State Entomologists

Several kinds of spiders make their home in NJ. Although spiders can be beneficial to have around, since they eat nuisance insects, some can bite. Keep these tips in mind to lower your risk of being bitten by a spider. If necessary, don’t hesitate to get professional pest control in Monmouth County for a spider infestation.

Reduce Possible Nesting Areas

Leaving piles of wood around in your yard or letting weeds and tall grass grow can encourage spiders to nest on your property. Don’t forget that spiders, including brown recluses and black widows, can also nest inside your home. Getting rid of clutter, vacuuming often and moving stored boxes and other items around often can discourage spiders from making their home in your house or garage.

Use Caution Inside and Outside

Since biting spiders, such as brown recluses, tend to stay out of sight, be careful when reaching into certain areas of your yard and house. These spiders can bite when you disturb them. Wearing gloves when you do any type of yardwork can help you avoid being bitten. If you need to move rocks or wood, watch for spider underneath these objects. You should also use caution when you reach into closets, boxes and other areas where spiders could be lurking.

If you’re looking for pest control in Monmouth County for a spider problem, please contact Allison Pest Control.

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