Seven Things That Are Bringing Unwanted Wasps To Your Home This Summer

What’s bringing wasps to your yard and home this summer? You might need NJ wasp control service if any of the following are causing you to have a lot of wasps around.

Fruit Trees

Fruit trees attract wasps, since these sugary fruits are a food source. Picking up and throwing out rotten fruit from your trees can help reduce the risk of wasps.

Bright Flowers

Colorful flowers tend to draw wasps. Keep in mind that colorful flower patterns on clothes can have the same effect.

Untreated Wood

Wasps use bits of untreated wood for their nests. Treating or staining wood can help prevent wasps from coming around. This includes wood used for decks, sheds, and other structures.

Water Sources

Wasps might be drawn to your yard if they find water to drink there, such as pools, fountains, and other sources of standing water.

Outdoor Gatherings

Outdoor barbecues and other summer gatherings can attract wasps. Foods and scented products, such as perfume, can draw these pests to your yard.

Open Garbage Cans

Wasps will invade open garbage cans to look for food. Keeping your garbage cans securely closed can help keep wasps out.

Bug Problems

Having a current bug problem in your home or yard might bring wasps around, since they feed on other bugs. Having existing pest infestations treated can help prevent a wasp problem.

If you need NJ wasp control service, contact the experts at Allison Pest Control. We can get rid of wasps in your yard or home.

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