Subterranean Termite Colonies Can Be Difficult or Impossible to Spot

Subterranean termites can do significant property damage to homes as they eat their way through wood. The key to dealing with these pests is finding and destroying their nests in order to eliminate the entire colony. Learn more about why you should let an experienced NJ termite exterminator handle this.

Termite Nests and Colonies

Subterranean termites are common in NJ. In fact, these termites are the kind that most often invades homes. Although these pests might be eating away at the wood inside your walls or other structures, they don’t actually live in your house. You won’t find termite nests in walls or other hidden areas, since these pests build their nests underground. Having underground nests makes it much harder to find termites and destroy them. These pests build tubes or tunnels from nests to your home and travel back and forth to eat. Keep in mind that termites can form large colonies with millions of these pests.

What to Do About Subterranean Termites

Trying to find Subterranean termite colonies and nests on your own is incredibly difficult. An exterminator knows where to look for these nests, how to identify them, and how to destroy termite colonies. Getting rid of the nests and colonies helps ensure that you won’t have ongoing termite trouble, including structural damage, in your home.

If you need a dependable NJ termite exterminator for your home, please contact Allison Pest Control. Our experts can locate and eliminate Subterranean termite colonies before they do severe damage to your home.

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