Learn More About Underground Nesting Bees to Stay Safe

While it’s easy enough to spot wasp and bee nests that are hanging from trees or the eaves of your roof, it’s much harder to find underground nests. Unfortunately, this can put you at risk of being stung if you stumble across one of these nests in your yard. You’ll need help from Monmouth County pest control if you have nesting bees around.

Types of Nesting Bees

There are different types of bees that build their nests underground, such as Colletes inaequalis and Halictus bees. Some of these bees are solitary, which means that they don’t live in large colonies. However, some of these solitary bees often build underground nests near each other, which can cause a problem for NJ homeowners.

Signs of Nesting Bees

You can sometimes spot entrances to underground bee nests, which can make them easier to notice. These entrances look like cone-shaped dirt piles that have a big hole in the middle. Keeping your lawn mowed and tended to can help ensure that you’re able to spot these nests, so that you don’t accidentally disturb them. Keep in mind that some nesting bees aren’t known for being aggressive and stinging people, although some will if they feel threatened.

If you’ve seen signs of nesting bees in your yard, contact Allison Pest Control. Our Monmouth County pest control experts can safely remove nesting bees from your NJ property.

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