NJ Ant Control – Disease Carrying Pharaoh Ant Colonies Spread by Budding

You might think of ants as a nuisance in your home when they ruin your food supplies, but what about a health hazard? Pharaoh ants are able to spread disease as they go through homes foraging for food. Find out more about pharaoh ants, and don’t wait to contact NJ pest control services for help if you have them in your home.

Pharaoh Ant Identification

Pharaoh ants are small ants that only grow to be about 1/16-inch long as adults. Unlike many other ants, which are black, these ants have a pale yellow or reddish-brown coloring. Their abdomen is typically darker than the rest of their body.

Pharaoh Ant Colonies

Pharaoh ants can pose a big problem when they infest homes and buildings thanks to their budding behavior. Budding refers to the way in which these ants establish many colonies throughout buildings. Subsets of the main colony, including a queen, worker ants, eggs, larvae and pupae, branch off to form their own nesting site.

Pharaoh ant infestations can rapidly spread this way, making it difficult to fully eliminate these pests. Since they’re known to carry around germs that can make you sick, it’s important to have infestations dealt with as soon as possible.

Don’t let pharaoh ants put your health at risk. Get in touch with Allison Pest Control today to get more details on our NJ pest control services.

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