Are You Finding Wings and Pest Debris in Your Pantry?

Will anything make you lose your appetite faster than finding insect wings in your kitchen? Our NJ pest control services experts share helpful information and prevention tips about some common pantry pests.

Indian Meal Moths

The diet of the Indian meal moth helped inspire its name when a scientist observed one feeding on corn meal. These insects are generally around five-eights of an inch long, with an elongated oval shape. Indian meal moths can often be identified by the distinctive reddish-copper color on the outer portion of their wings.

Merchant Grain Beetles

Merchant grain beetles are particularly tiny, only about one-eight of an inch long, with dark brown coloring and flat bodies. Six serrated teeth on either side of their body are their most identifiable feature. Despite their name, merchant grain beetles like to feed on pasta, cookies and chocolate.

Tips to Prevent Pantry Pests

*Overripe fruit attracts pantry pests. If you keep fruit in bowls on counters or tables, check it regularly and remove or dispose of items past their peak.

*Keep floors and countertops free of crumbs and other debris. Clean any spills immediately.

*Store food in tightly sealed plastic containers.

*Put pet food dishes away after feeding time.

*If you find evidence of infestation, discard the affected foods in an outdoor trash bin.

NJ Pest Control Services to the Rescue!

Don’t take on insects, rodents or other pests by yourself. Let our trained technicians at Allison Pest Control remove them safely and effectively. Contact us to schedule a free inspection.


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