Five Top New Jersey Pantry Pests – Part One

Flies, ants and cockroaches are known for going after food supplies in homes, but they’re not the only bugs you have to watch for. There are several kinds of pantry pests found in NJ that could invade your kitchen. These are some of the most common pantry pests that our NJ pest control services deal with.

Confused Flour Beetle

These beetles have long, flat bodies that make it easy for them to get inside boxes and other packaging. They typically feed on flour, processed grains and foods that contain flour byproducts. These beetles, which are often mistaken for red flour beetles, also lay eggs in food supplies, including cake mixes and grain flour.

Drugstore Beetle

These beetles, also called bread or cigarette beetles, are long and tiny with a brown or dark red color. These nocturnal bugs can fly around pantry areas in search of cereal, pet food and other drugstore products for feeding. They also lay eggs in these products, which damages them.

Indian Meal Moth

Indian meal moths are small moths that have white wings with reddish-brown markings. They mainly feed on corn meal, but they also eat flour, grains, nuts and many other food items. These moths also lay eggs in these items.

If you have pantry pests in your home, count on Allison Pest Control for help. Our technicians offer reliable NJ pest control services to eliminate bugs from your pantry.

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