Five Illnesses Transmitted By Rats and Mice

When it comes to rats and mice, pest control Wall NJ is needed to prevent both property damage and health risks. Here are five serious diseases known to be transmitted by rodents to other carriers.

Five Illnesses Transmitted by Rodents

1. Lyme disease initially presents flu-like symptoms such as headaches, fatigue and fever. Without treatment, Lyme disease can move into joints, heart and nervous system. Lyme disease is associated with tick bites, but it’s carried by rodents, who spread the bacteria when ticks feed on them.

2. Rocky Mountain spotted fever, or RMSF, is another disease spread from rodents to ticks. RMSF gets its name from the distinctive rash that accompanies it. Serious cases of RMSF can result in permanent damage, including amputation, hearing loss and paralysis.

3. Murine typhus is spread from rodents to fleas, who then infect humans with their bite. Symptoms range from fever and chills to nausea and vomiting.

4. West Nile virus is the number one disease borne by mosquitoes, another common pest. While most people affected by West Nile virus remain asymptomatic, approximately 20 percent develop fever and other symptoms similar to flu.

5. Relapsing fever occurs in two different types. One is transmitted via ticks and the other by lice. The underlying bacteria can cause recurring nausea, muscle aches and fever.

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