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What to Know About NJ Termites for this Spring

As spring arrives, certain members of termite colonies become more active. In fact, you might see them swarming if you have NJ termites in or near your home. A Tom’s River exterminator can help you deal with a termite problem.

Why Do Termite Swarms?

Termites swarm in order to expand their colony. This helps prevent current colonies from getting too big, which can lead to a shortage of food and other problems. Swarming termites leave the current colony to establish a satellite colony close by. They also mate in order to build up their new colony.

When Termites Swarm

You’re most likely to see a termite swarm anytime from March to May. Warmer weather and more sunlight cause termites to come out of their nest and swarm. The highest chance of seeing swarms is when it gets sunny and warm after raining.

Which Termites Swarm?

Only certain members of termite colonies swarm. Keep in mind that termites need wings in order to do this. Reproductive termites in a colony are the only ones with wings. These termites also tend to be bigger and have a darker coloring and stronger build. They need these qualities to protect themselves from predators as they build a new colony.

Signs of Termite Swarms

If you don’t see termites in the air, you might see signs of a swarm elsewhere. Look for piles of wings, which termites often discard near windows and doors. You can find these inside and outside. You might also see wing piles on walkways or other outdoor surfaces. These signs mean you have a termite problem, which needs to be handled right away.

Need a Tom’s River exterminator for a NJ termite problem? Contact your local exterminator Allison Pest Control as soon as you can to set up service.

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