Five Facts on New Jersey Rats You Didn’t Know

You probably know that rats are common in NJ and that they can cause health problems for people. However, there are interesting facts about rats you might not be aware of. The following are some of the more notable facts about NJ rats.

Rats Are Naturally Athletic

Rats are able to scale buildings made of brick and other materials using their long claws. They’re also able to fall long distances without getting hurt. In addition, rats can jump a couple of feet up or even higher when they’re able to get a running start.

Rats Might Have a Sense of Humor

Rats sometimes make high-pitches sounds that seem like chirps. You can’t hear these sounds due to their high pitch, but researchers believe that this noise equates to laughter among rats.

Rats Are Careful Eaters

Rats have a reputation for eating anything, but they’re actually careful about what they ingest. These rodents have sensitive taste buds that make it difficult to poison them. They’re also careful about consuming anything they’re not familiar with.

Rats Can Be Huge

Rats can end up measuring up to 20 inches long when they have plenty of food around. Their average length if about 16 inches long.

Rats Are Good Swimmers

Rats are able to swim for a few days without taking any breaks. They’re also able to hold their breath for a few minutes while underwater.

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