The Many Faces of New Jersey Spiders

Spiders in NJ come in many shapes and sizes. The good news is that the majority of these spiders aren’t a danger to humans at all. In fact, some play an important role in keeping insect pest populations under control. Find out more about some of the spiders found in NJ.

Garden Spiders

Black and yellow garden spiders and banded garden spiders are noticeable due to their large size. These spiders have a colorful design with yellow, black and white markings. While their size might make them seem alarming to you, keep in mind that they’re harmless. Garden spiders can help you out by eliminating many insect pests in your yard.

Jumping Spiders

Jumping spiders are small spiders that are known for their leaping movements. Zebra jumping spiders have vivid black and white striped markings, while golden jumping spiders have white dotted markings. These spiders might seem scary if they jump toward you, but they’re not a danger to people.

Common House Spider

Common house spiders are a light brown color and are often found in attics, basements or other dark areas inside homes, especially in piles of clutter or boxes. These spiders don’t have a venomous bite, but their webs can be a mess to get rid of.

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