Spring Weather Can Bring Out These Common New Jersey Pests

Common New Jersey Pests – what are they and when do they emerge? Warmer temperatures in spring can cause several kinds of bugs to become more active. You might need NJ pest control service if you have any of the following spring pests in your home or business.

The Top Common New Jersey Pests – Termites

Termites feed on wood, which makes them a potentially serious hazard to your home. A spring termite problem should be handled as soon as possible before any severe damage occurs. You might see termites swarming in or close to your home during spring.

The Second Most Common New Jersey Pests – Paper Wasps

Paper wasps spend springtime constructing their nests, which they tend to fiercely defend. Having paper wasp nests in your home or near it puts you at risk of being stung. You should have these nests professionally removed instead of handling them on your own.

The Third Most Common New Jersey Pests – Ants

Different kinds of ants are out more in spring, including carpenter ants and sugar ants. Carpenter ants can damage wood in your home while they build their nests. Sugar ants go after food in kitchens, pantries, and other areas, which can lead to contamination. Ants of any kind can invade your home in large numbers this time of year.

The Fourth Most Common New Jersey Pests – Flies

House flies and cluster flies are more active in spring. Cluster flies typically gather near windows in homes. House flies can leave germs on surfaces in your home, raising your risk of being sick.

If you have a common New Jersey pest problem this spring, contact Allison Pest Control. From ants to wasps, we can eliminate these pests from your home or business.

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