Why Are There More Rat and Mouse Sightings in the Winter?

Like anyone else, rodents love to be warm and cozy in the winter. Unfortunately, their chosen spot may end up being in your home or business. Find out why cold weather months may increase the need for pest control in Monmouth County NJ.

Seeking a Winter Home

During summer, rats and mice are happy to be outdoors. Temperatures are warm, there are many places to build a nest and food is plentiful.

When the thermometer drops, rodents scramble to find a winter home. Residential and commercial buildings offer warmth along with protection from predators and ready supplies of food and water.

Are You Hosting Uninvited Guests?

According to our experts on pest control in Monmouth County NJ, these are the top signs of a rodent infestation:

• Rodents often shred paper or plants for use in building a nest. Be sure to check attics and other out-of-the-way areas.

• Gnawing allows rodents to control the size of their constantly growing front teeth. Look for teeth marks and other evidence of gnawing on food packaging, wood or electrical wires.

• Rats and mice leave dirt, grease and fecal matter in their wake as they move about. They generally stick to the same routes, so watch for debris-filled paths.

Your #1 Choice for Pest Control in Monmouth County NJ

Don’t share your home or business with unwanted visitors. When you need pest control in Monmouth County NJ, our experienced technicians can handle the problem safely and efficiently. Contact Allison Pest Control to schedule a free inspection.

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