Mosquito Myth – You Can Still Get Bitten Before Sunset – It All Comes Down to Temperature

When it comes to mosquitoes, one thing everyone can agree on is that they’re annoying. But is it true they won’t bite before sundown? Our Rumson NJ exterminator experts take a look at this and other popular myths about the perennial summer pest.

True or False?

• People who are bitten more frequently than others often attribute it to their skin and blood being “tastier.” In reality, it’s heat and carbon dioxide that attract mosquitoes. If you’re a popular target, chances are you’re either warm or long-winded.

• Yes, mosquitoes tend to avoid sunlight, but that’s only part of the equation. Temperature plays an important role, so if conditions are right, you can definitely get bitten during daytime hours. In fact, if temperatures cool down enough after sunset, you’ll find that mosquitoes are scarce.

• The mosquito-repellant qualities of citronella candles are largely a marketing ploy. You’re better off applying citronella oil directly to your skin.

• It’s generally believed that perfume is like catnip to mosquitoes, but they’re actually relatively indifferent to sweet aromas. The oil in perfumes can serve as a repellant by attaching to a mosquito’s antennae and preventing them from biting.

• One commonly-held idea about mosquitoes IS true: they’re more attracted to dark colors than light. At this point, scientists are still unclear as to why mosquitoes have this preference.

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