Got Hornets? Read These Safety Tips of Proper Nest and Hive Removal

There’s a reason why the term “hornet’s nest” refers to a troublesome and complicated situation. The best way to deal with a hornet’s nest is to avoid them in the first place. Follow these helpful prevention and removal tips from our Manasquan NJ exterminator.

How to Identify a Hornet’s Nest

European hornets and bald-faced hornets, the two species commonly encountered around New Jersey, have different preferences in nesting areas. If you find one of these globe-shaped, basketball-sized structures in a cavity around your home or building, it’s a European hornet, while bald-faced hornets prefer treetops and bushy areas.

Prevention and Removal Tips

* Keep your landscaping well-groomed. Overgrown lawns and bushes create optimal conditions for hornet’s nests.

* Regularly inspect doors and windows. Make sure all seals are tight and repair any damage immediately.

* Clean garbage cans frequently to eliminate food odors and debris that may attract hornets and other pests.

*Put flowers at a generous distance from doors, walkways and other high-traffic areas.

*Hornets are extremely aggressive when threatened, so never approach them directly, especially if you have allergies.

* Commercially-sold traps can be useful for small numbers of hornets, but your best course of action is contacting an experienced Manasquan NJ exterminator.

Year-Round Treatment and Protection from Allison Pest Control

Whether you’re faced with stinging insects or just plain nuisance pests, we offer effective exterminator services for all needs. Contact Allison Pest to schedule a free inspection by our of our cheerful and professionally trained technicians.


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