Top 3 Insect Pests in Monmouth County NJ

Insect pests abound in Monmouth County New Jersey. While some are harmless or even beneficial, others are considered pests. Insect pests in the county can cause property damage, make pets or people sick, or cause other problems. You’ll need reliable pest control Monmouth County NJ services for any of the following top pests.


Fleas can get into your home on your pets. These small pests lurk in outdoor areas and feed on blood from pets, wildlife, or even people. Having them in your home can quickly turn into a widespread infestation. Fleas can lay eggs in furniture or on other surfaces, so it’s important to have your home thoroughly treated.

Stink Bugs

Stink bugs won’t bite, but they can leave bad smells in your home. Crushing these bugs causes them to give off a foul odor. Stink bugs are also a major pest problem, since they can invade homes in huge numbers. You should have them professionally removed from your home if you have a stink bug infestation.


Cockroaches can spread pathogens around your home, contaminate your food, and trigger respiratory issues. Some types of cockroaches are commonly found in homes, while others are mostly found outdoors. Once they get into your home, they can rapidly reproduce. Pest control experts can eliminate these harmful pests from your home.

If you need pest control Monmouth County NJ services for your residential or commercial property, please contact Allison Pest Control. Our team knows how to effectively get rid of a wide range of pests.

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