Hornets and Yellow Jackets Are Considered Aggressive Insects

As the weather starts to get cooler, you might run into trouble with hornets and yellow jackets. These insects are normally ones to avoid, especially if you get too close to their nest. However, they become even more aggressive in late summer. Learn more about why you might need to get a Wall exterminator as soon as possible if you discover a nest.

Late Summer Behavior

Yellow jackets and hornets are social insects that spend most of the summer defending their colony. However, in late summer they start to spend more time focusing on finding food for themselves instead of protecting their colony. When this occurs, these insects can become highly aggressive as they look around for food to eat.

In many cases, they look for sweet foods that provide them with an energy surge, such as soda. This means they’re around humans more often, such as at picnics or backyard barbecues, and are likely to sting if they’re trying to go after foods or beverages.

Hornet and Yellow Jacket Prevention Tips

To lower your risk of being stung by hornets or yellow jackets, you should avoid wearing sweet-smelling perfumes. Keeping garbage in tightly sealed containers can also deter them from coming around your home. If you find a nest indoors or outdoors, it’s important to have an exterminator remove it safely to eliminate these aggressive insects.

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