Bedbugs Become a Serious Problem for Airlines

Hotels have been in the news in recent years for having bed bugs, but airplanes might not be much safer. Passengers on different flights from Newark recently encountered these pests while they were seated in planes.

Bed Bugs on Board

Bed bugs made their way onto separate Air India flights that left from Newark. Passengers reported finding these bugs crawling out of seats and being bitten. In fact, a baby on one of these flights ended up with several bites. Bed bugs haven’t been reported on other flights in the NJ area so far, but it’s good to be aware of those incidents that have occurred. The airline issued a formal apology and used a repellent on the seats, but passengers have said it wasn’t enough to stop these pests.

Bed Bug Prevention When Traveling

If you’ll be traveling, it’s important to know how to protect yourself from bed bugs. Otherwise, you could end up needing pest control in Monmouth County once you’re home. Check hotel mattresses and other surfaces for these tiny pests, and avoid leaving luggage on the floor. You should also check your suitcases when you get home, and wash all the clothes you packed to be safe.

If you end up with bed bugs after traveling, our experts at Allison Pest Control can help. Contact us for more information on pest control in Monmouth County for bed bugs.

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