How To Handle a Bed Bug Infestation in Your Home

Do you immediately feel helpless at the sight of a bed bug in your home? Our Brick NJ exterminator is here to reassure you. Take these steps to gain control and effectively handle a bed bug infestation.

Helpful Tips to Handle a Bed Bug Infestation

• Stay calm. As with any other problem, panic does nothing to solve it and may even make matters worse.

• While your first instinct may be to dispose of bedding, clothing and other affected items, this is more likely to spread the infestation. Limit the items you take in and out of the home and check them carefully.

• Don’t rely on DIY treatments. Bed bugs are resistant to many commercial products, and they’re not far-reaching enough to completely eliminate these pests.

• Perform a thorough cleaning, which will help minimize the bed bug population.

• If you live in a multi-family dwelling, such as an apartment building, talk to the manager and neighbors. Prompt communication can alert others to check their own home as well as limit the spread of the infestation.

• Contact a professional Brick NJ exterminator to schedule an inspection. Once the problem is confirmed, they will provide you with a plan to safely eliminate your bed bugs and remove any traces.

Need a Qualified Brick NJ Exterminator?

Allison Pest Control has been providing first-rate Brick NJ exterminator services since 1917. Our trained technicians have experience dealing with bed bugs, cockroaches, rodents and other common pests. Contact us today to schedule a free inspection.

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