Why Would Wasps Be in My House in Late Winter?

Have you ever been startled by the appearance of a wasp in your home during early spring or late winter? Don’t hit the panic button just yet. Take these tips from our Colts Neck NJ exterminator about dealing with an early wasp sighting.

Help! My Home Has Wasps!

Paper wasps, like many living creatures, seek warmth and shelter during cold weather months. Houses provide comfortable living conditions as well as protection from spiders, mice and other natural predators.

Once the outdoor temperatures start warming up, paper wasps emerge from their temporary hibernating spots and look for places to build a nest. If you see a paper wasp flying around your home, it’s just as anxious to get out as you are for it to leave.

How to Handle a Wasp Sighting

While it’s understandable to fear the sting of a paper wasp, they don’t generally pose a major risk to humans. These insects will become defensive if they feel threatened, especially if they believe their queen is danger, but they usually don’t attack unless provoked.

Although paper wasps are relatively harmless, experts recommend that you don’t use DIY methods to eliminate them. No matter how careful you are, the wasps are likely to interpret your actions as a threat. Let a qualified Colts Neck NJ exterminator handle the process safely and effectively.

First-Rate Colts Neck NJ Exterminator Services from Allison Pest

When insects or wildlife enter your home, don’t take chances. Contact Allison Pest to schedule a free inspection by one of our trained Colts Neck NJ exterminator professionals.

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