Camel Back Crickets Are Creepy But Treatable

Camel back crickets may sound like something out of a horror movie. Fortunately, they’re not nearly as threatening as a fictional creature. Our Point Pleasant NJ exterminator shares several facts that you should know about this common pest.

What’s in a Name?

Like many other insects, camel back crickets take their name from distinctive visual features. In this case, the term comes from the hump they share with their namesake mammal. Other names you may hear are “spider crickets,” because of their long legs, or “cave crickets,” for their fondness of damp, dark areas.

Feeding Time

Camel back crickets are primarily scavengers. One of the reasons they inhabit caves and other dark areas is to feed on the plentiful mold and fungi. If they take up residence in your basement, the small amounts of water and food will probably be enough to sustain them while they remain undetected.

Are Camel Back Crickets Dangerous?

Despite their appearance, camel back crickets are more of an annoyance than a threat. They don’t bite or sting, and while they may appear to jump forward aggressively, it’s due more to their poor vision than their temperament. These pests may be a danger to clothing and furniture, as they have an appetite for fabric. Your best bet is to let our Point Pleasant NJ exterminator safely remove these crickets.

Safe and Effective Point Pleasant NJ Exterminator Services

From bed bugs and camel back crickets to termites and wasps, our Point Pleasant NJ exterminator technicians have experience dealing with these pests and more. Contact us to schedule a free inspection.

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