Here’s Why Wasp and Hornet Nests Should Be Removed in the Fall

Yellow jackets and hornets are stinging insects that can be a big problem for homeowners when they build a nest indoors or near other structures on your property. The fall months are a good time to have a Toms River exterminator remove any of these nests for the following reasons:

Aggressive Behavior

Yellow jackets are known for becoming more aggressive during fall. These insects get fierce about finding food at this time of year, which raises your risk of being stung.

Yellow jackets inflict stings that are more painful than the stings of honeybees and other bees and wasps. They can also attack in a large group, making them even more dangerous. Having a nest removed in the fall helps lower your risk of being stung.

Nest Size

Yellow jacket nests tend to be biggest in early fall, which can also increase the risk of being stung. These insects can get aggressive about defending their nest and attack in large numbers.

Removing a mature nest reduces your risk of suffering a yellow jacket or hornet attack. Keep in mind that you should never remove a yellow jacket nest yourself, since you’re more likely to get stung. Professional exterminators can get these bugs and their nest out of your home in a safe manner.

If you need to have a yellow jacket or hornet nest removed this fall, contact Allison Pest Control. We’ll have a Toms River exterminator carefully take the nest out of your home before you have a large infestation.

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