Yikes! My Home May Have Bed Bugs, What Should I Do?

You’ve discovered bed bugs in your home, but it’s a rental property. Can you contact a Sea Girt NJ exterminator on your own? Here are some helpful tips for what to do if bed bugs find their way into your rented house or apartment.

Help! My Rental Has Bed Bugs!

• Your first step should be to contact the landlord or property manager immediately. Make sure they commit to having a first-rate Sea Girt NJ exterminator inspect your home.

• Document all communication about the problem through email or text. Verbal conversations should be detailed in writing, either in a notebook or computer file.

• Take several photos of bed bugs, stained bedding, shed skins, bites and other visual evidence.

Seek medical attention and keep records of all your visits.

• Check with neighbors in a multi-family building to see if anyone else has experienced signs of bed bugs.

• If you do seek help from a Sea Girt NJ exterminator on your own, save the report and estimate along with contact information.

• Don’t sign any legal documents, including waivers or releases, without advice from an attorney.

• Should the landlord or property manager fail to take timely action, call or email your local health department.

Dealing with Bed Bugs? Allison Pest Control Can Help

We have been providing professional and effective Sea Girt NJ exterminator services since 1917. If bed bugs or other insects have invaded your home, contact Allison Pest Control to schedule a free inspection by our cheerful and experienced technicians.

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