Signs that May Show You’ve Been Bitten by Bed Bugs

Ants, mosquitoes, fleas and spiders are among the many types of insects that bite humans. How can you differentiate bed bug bites from these others? Our NJ pest control experts share the tell-tale characteristics indicating bites from a bed bug.

Anatomy of a Bed Bug Bite

Since you are most likely asleep when a bed bug bites, you will not usually realize it is happening at the time. Their bite introduces a blood thinner along with an anesthetic, making it easier for the bed bug to feed and less detectable to you.

Bites will usually be found on parts of your body such as arms, hands and legs that are not covered while you sleep. In addition, their bites tend to be clustered together in an area, sometimes forming a zig-zag line.

Side Effects and Treatment

Itching is a common reaction to bed bug bites. Avoid excess scratching, which could result in an infection. Apply a generous amount of calamine lotion to relieve itching and burning. It is important to know that not all people bitten will have a reaction to the bites.

People who have been bitten several times may build up a tolerance which makes the bites less intense, but others with sensitivities often experience pain. Take an antihistamine to prevent a possible allergic reaction.

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