The NJ Tick Season is Expected to be Worse Than Usual this Year

Ticks are a common problem in late summer and early fall, and they could be an even bigger issue this year. These biting pests might have larger populations this year due to recent weather conditions and other factors. Find out more about why you might need tick control in Monmouth County this season.

Tick Populations

Ticks are expected to have bigger populations thanks to milder temperatures during winter that allowed them to survive. These pests might also be more of a problem due to their food sources. Ticks often feed on white-footed mice, but these rodents have had lower populations recently. That forces ticks to search for other sources of their blood meals, which puts you, your family, and your pets at risk.

Tick Prevention

Ticks can spread Lyme disease and other diseases to humans and pets, which is why it’s so crucial to prevent them from biting. Keeping your lawn trimmed can help, since these pests are mostly found in taller grasses, such as in fields. Using tick preventative products on pets can help prevent them from catching a tick-borne illness.

When you’re in areas where ticks are found, such as fields and woods, cover up and check your skin often for these pests. Using a tick repellent product can help keep them away from you.

If your NJ home needs tick control in Monmouth County, please contact Allison Pest Control for help.

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