Did You Know Termites Existed During the Times of Dinosaurs?

Termites have been around since the times of dinosaurs. Surprisingly, these tiny pests ended up being far more durable and adaptable than their gigantic counterparts. Our exterminator Monmouth County NJ shares some other interesting facts you may not know about termites.

Fun Facts About Termites

* It takes a colony to raise their young. Termites are social insects, meaning they form a family that often stays together through at least two generations. The entire colony works together to gather food, protect the nest and nurture young termites.

* There’s strength in numbers. Taken as a whole, the total weight of the world’s termites surpasses the total weight of all humans.

* No wonder termites work so hard! Termite colonies literally eat 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

* In order to reproduce, certain termites grow wings so they can swarm in search of a mate. This generally happens in the spring, when temperatures begin to warm up. Once mating is completed, the male and female lose their wings and remain in a secluded chamber within the colony.

Termites can cause considerable damage to wood, flooring and other structures without being detected. This has earned them the nickname of “silent destroyers.” According to our exterminator Monmouth County NJ, termites cause upwards of $5 billion in property damage annually.

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