CDC Weighs in on Rat Population Problems Driven by the Pandemic

As restaurants cope with pandemic-driven limitations and shutdowns, two-legged customers aren’t the only ones affected. Unexpected impact on the rodent population is creating a greater need for Manasquan exterminator services.

Rodents on the Hunt

In dense urban areas, rodents are less likely to find fruit, plants and other organic sources of nourishment. As a result, they depend on scraps of “people food” discarded by restaurants and other commercial facilities.

With many restaurants experiencing temporary or permanent closures, there’s been a corresponding reduction in waste products. Rodents are being forced to venture farther out into residential areas in search of food sources. In some cases, they’re also becoming more aggressive as they compete for limited supply.

Tips to Avoid Rat Infestations

The CDC recommends that business owners and local residents take proactive measures to eliminate conditions that may encourage rodent activity:

• Examine building exteriors and seal any openings that rodents could use for access.

• Mow lawns regularly. Keep trees, bushes and other vegetation well-trimmed, especially if they’re in close proximity to a house or building.

• Place garbage in tightly covered bins stored several feet away from buildings.

• Promptly clean up bird or pet food accumulations in the yard.

• In case of a rodent infestation, contact an experienced Manasquan exterminator to ensure thorough and effective elimination and clean-up.

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