New Jersey Pest Control Tips and Facts About the Odorous House Ant

If you’ve noticed an odd smell in your home, odorous house ants could be the cause. These ants get their name from the odor they emit when they’re crushed. Find out more about odorous house ants, including when to get New Jersey pest control to eliminate them.

Physical Appearance

Odorous house ants are on the small side, with a maximum length of roughly 1/8 long as adults. These ants have a black or dark brown color.


What do these ants smell like if you crush them? They give off an odor that’s similar to bleu cheese or cotton coconut.


Odorous house ants spend their time looking for food, especially sugary foods. Some also feed on insects. These ants build nests in damp areas, such as mulch outdoor or damp wood indoors. Odorous house ants swarm in spring, then leave to set up new colonies. This can lead to a big ant infestation if they’re in your home or yard.


Odorous house ants typically travel back and forth to their outdoor nest in summer. Finding out how they’re getting into your home and closing up entry points helps keep them away. Moving plants away from your foundation can also help reduce their presence.

Ant Control

Have professional pest control technicians handle odorous house ant infestations. This helps ensure that they’re gone for good.

If you have an odorous house ant problem in your home, contact Allison Pest Control. We offer thorough and reliable New Jersey pest control for ants and other pests.

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