What to Know About Mice and Antibiotic Resistant Diseases

Having mice in your home means that you might have to toss out contaminated food and repair any damage they cause. Mouse infestations can cause much worse problems, though. These rodents have been found to carry diseases that are resistant to antibiotics. Find out more about why it’s so important to identify mouse problems and get professional pest control in Monmouth County as soon as possible.

Antibiotic-Resistant Diseases

Diseases that are caused by bacteria can lead to serious illnesses in some people, especially those with weaker immune systems. Doctors often use antibiotics to treat bacterial infections, but that could be a problem with diseases that mice carry.

Researchers found that mice in homes can spread strains of diseases, such as E. coli, salmonella and C. difficile, that are resistant to antibiotics. This means that these drugs won’t treat these diseases, which can raise the risk of potentially serious and even fatal complications.

Reducing Your Risk of Mouse Diseases

Keeping mice out of your home is the best way to lower your risk of being exposed to antibiotic-resistant germs that these rodents can carry. You can do this by closing up entry points mice can use to get inside, such as gaps around doors.

If mice are in your home, you’ll need professional pest control in Monmouth County right away. Contact Allison Pest Control to learn more about our rodent control services.

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