Restaurant Covid Restrictions Drive Hungry Rats into Homes

With all the covid restrictions at restaurants in NJ, you might end up needing a Wall exterminator at your home for rats. These rodents aren’t getting their usual supply of food from restaurant dumpsters, which might cause them to seek food elsewhere, including people’s homes.

Restaurant Rats

Rats typically find plenty of food scraps and food items by digging through dumpsters and trash cans behind restaurants. However, restaurants haven’t been as busy as usual, so there’s not as much food available for rats to find. In some areas, this could be driving rats to invade people’s homes. Since rats are known disease carriers, it’s important to protect your home from these rodents.

Rats in Residences

The combination of colder weather and scarce food near restaurants means rats might seek shelter inside homes. Rats are able to get inside through tiny cracks, then settle inside walls and other areas. During the night, these rodents come out of hiding and look around for food and water.

Rat Prevention

You should take steps to prevent rats from getting inside your home, especially if you live near any restaurants. Closing up cracks or other gaps can stop rats from getting into your home. Making sure you fix leaks, clean up crumbs, and empty your garbage can also help prevent rats from invading your home.

If you need a Wall exterminator for rats in your home, contact Allison Pest Control. Our team eliminates rat infestations safely and effectively.

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