Odorous House Ant Found in New Jersey Homes this Fall

While some house ants are known for their size or behavior, others are known for their smell. Odorous house ants, which are found in NJ, got their name from the scent they give off. Learn more about these ants and why you’ll need a local exterminator to eliminate them from your home.

What Odorous House Ants Look Like

Odorous house ants grow to be between 1/16 and 1/8 inch as adults. This is smaller than carpenter ants and similar in size to pavement ants. These native ants have black or brown coloring without any noticeable markings. Their odor also makes them easy to identify. Odorous house ants emit a foul or rotten smell when you crush them, which can make them difficult to eliminate.

How Odorous House Ants Behave

These ants build nests under rocks and other objects outside. However, they can also build nests indoors, such as inside wall spaces. They tend to choose a spot that’s close to warmth and moisture. Their diet mainly includes sweets, although they also eat grease and dead bugs. When they nest indoors, they can invade pantries and kitchens in search of food.

How Big Are Odorous House Ant Colonies?

Colonies can number in the thousands. Odorous house ants can easily develop large colonies containing several thousand worker ants and multiple queens. This allows them to reproduce at a rapid rate. These large colonies also mean that professional pest control is your best bet for completely eliminating these pests.

What to Do About Odorous House Ants

Have an exterminator in NJ handle odorous house ant infestations. This ensures that colonies are thoroughly eliminated from your home, so these ants won’t return.

Do you need a local exterminator for odorous house ants in your home? Contact Allison Pest Control to schedule service.

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