Are Those Itchy Welts Bed Bug Bites?

When you find bites on your skin in the morning, how do you know for sure if they’re from bed bugs? Fleas and other bugs can also leave bite marks behind. It’s important to determine if you really do have a bed bug problem in your home, so that you can get the right help from professional pest control in Monmouth...


What Health Hazards Are You Exposed to by Mice and Other Rodents?

Mice and rats can become an issue for homeowners in NJ when the weather gets cooler. These rodents don’t seem to mind being outdoors when it’s hot outside, but they look for a warm place to stay during the colder part of the year. If they get into your home,...


Our Pest of the Month is the House Mouse

House mice can become a common sight in fall and winter for those who live in NJ. These rodents can manage to get inside homes and build nests inside walls and other sheltered areas, which helps them stay warm when it’s freezing outside. Learn more about...


New Jersey Winter Indoor Biting Insects

When summer ends, you might be safe from wasps and other outdoor pests that bite or sting. However, there are some indoor pests that can bite you inside your home. Find out more about what might be biting you this fall and winter, and be prepared to get...


Why Do Bed Bug Bite Reactions Differ?

Bed bugs are known for biting people, especially in their sleep, but not everyone has the same kind of physical reaction to these bites. What causes some people to have itchy welts and others to barely notice that they have been bitten? Find out more about...


Don’t Move In Before You Do a Mouse Check!

The last thing you want to deal with when settling into your new home is a mouse infestation. Since these small pests can be sneaky, you might need to do some sleuthing to find out if there are any in your new house or apartment. Find out how to tell if you...

'Cold weather has arrived both rodents and insect pests have made every effort to get into your home or business to stay safe and warm. Don't live with bugs or rodents all winter long. Get a free pest inspection and thorough treatment plan from us today to keep your family safe and pest-free!'

— John Daly Jr., Manager