What’s a Spider Cricket?

If you’ve seen a bug in your basement that looks sort of like a cross between a spider and a cricket, that pest is known as a spider cricket or camel cricket. These large crickets can become a problem for NJ homeowners when they invade residences. You might need professional pest control in Monmouth County if you have...


What Diseases Are Carried by New Jersey Mice?

When you have a mouse problem in your home, there’s more at risk than your food. Mice carry diseases that can make you and your family sick. Find out more about these diseases, and don’t hesitate to hire a Tom’s River NJ mouse exterminator right away....


Common Mice Found in Our New Jersey Locale

As it cools down outside, mice typically search for warm places to go for shelter during winter. This might mean your home, which can cause problems ranging from food contamination to health hazards. You might find that you need Farmingdale rat and mouse...


How to Avoid Spider Bites – Tips from Penn State Entomologists

Several kinds of spiders make their home in NJ. Although spiders can be beneficial to have around, since they eat nuisance insects, some can bite. Keep these tips in mind to lower your risk of being bitten by a spider. If necessary, don’t hesitate to get...


Check Your Laundry Hamper – Bed Bugs Love the Ripe Smell of Dirty Laundry

Bed bugs don’t always hang out on beds looking for people to bite. You can find these small pests in many other parts of your home. In fact, bed bugs are known to be drawn to piles of dirty laundry. Bed Bugs and Laundry When you’re checking your home for bed...


The Cricket – an Annoying Pest Insect

Crickets can seem harmless when you hear them chirping outside. However, if they get into your home you might not appreciate their noise quite as much. Here’s what you should know about crickets, including when to get professional pest control in Monmouth...

'Cooler Weather is Here and Winter is Quickly Approaching. Insects and rodents are beginning to seek warm shelter for the winter in your basement, attic and crawlspace. Protect your home and your family’s health by scheduling a free pest and rodent inspection today.'

— John Daly Jr., Manager