The Coronavirus Shutdowns Have Driven Rats to Desperation for Food

At the start of 2020, no one had any idea that the next few months would be filled with trepidation and uncertainty due to a global pandemic. The Coronavirus shutdowns have caused problems for nearly every industry and population in the world.

As strange as it might seem, rats are no exception. They’re suffering too because we’re not leaving them as much garbage as we used to. That garbage made up the bulk of their meals. But what does that mean for us? Your NJ commercial pest control company has the answer.

The Future of Rats Post-Coronavirus Shutdown

Robert Corrigan works as a rodentologist, and his main job is to create rodent management plans. He has worked in major U.S. cities with a focus on urban rat populations. According to Corrigan, the Coronavirus Shutdown has inadvertently pushed rat populations into survival mode. That means people are more likely to see them acting strange, with notable differences from their usual behavours:

Rats are likely to start venturing out during the day instead of at night in order to find food. They may travel farther away from their burrows than they normally would because they’re so hungry.

Contact Your NJ Commercial Pest Control Professionals For Help

Your NJ commercial pest control experts are always here to help if you are having rat problems. We expect these pests to act differently in the weeks and months ahead. But calling an NJ commercial pest control professional is your best bet. We can help!

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