Fun Fact: Huge Brazilian Termite Colony with Ancient Mounds Can Be Seen from Space

Termites are known for building extensive mounds and tunnels for their colonies. This can make it challenging for homeowners to deal with them, resulting in the need for professional pest control in Monmouth County. Just how big do termite colonies get? Researchers recently found this out after discovering termite mounds that can be seen from space.

Termite Mound Sizes

The termite mounds that were discovered are large enough overall to cover an area that is the size of Great Britain. In fact, researchers reported that these mounds can be seen on Google Earth. These mounds, which are located in northeastern Brazil, are still in use today.

Researchers believe that these mounds are all part of one colony rather than a number of competing colonies in the area. While not all termites build mounds of this size, these pests can still do a lot of damage to homes in NJ.

Age of Termite Mounds

The other amazing finding about these termite mounds is that they have been around for around 4,000 years. The fact that they are still inhabited shows just how determined termites are when building and supporting their colonies. Researchers haven’t been able to find a queen chamber, so they’re not certain exactly how these colonies are structured.

When termites invade, it’s time for professional pest control in Monmouth County. Call Allison Pest Control for more information on our termite control services.

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