Interesting Facts About New Jersey Termites

Termites invade homes throughout NJ, so it helps to know more about them. These pests can cause tremendous damage to homes as they eat through wooden structures. Find out more about NJ termites, including when to call a Spring Lake NJ exterminator to treat an infestation.

Not All Termites Are the Same 

What kinds of termites might invade your NJ home? Different types of termites are found in our state, including subterranean and drywood termites. Of the two, subterranean termites are more common. These termites build nests underground and build tubes that allow them to get into and out of homes, where they eat through cellulose found in wood.

Drywood termites aren’t as common, but they can invade your home if you bring in wood furniture or other items that are infested.

Some Termites Can Fly

Did you know that some termites can fly? When you have these pests around, you might see them swarming in the spring when they establish new colonies. You might also find discarded termite wings, especially close to doors or windows.

Other signs that you might have termites in your home include finding small holes and weak areas in wood. You’ll need to have a professional exterminator come to your home to do a full inspection and provide treatment to get rid of these pests.

If you need a Spring Lake NJ exterminator for termites in your home, prevent major damage by contacting Allison Pest Control right away. We can inspect your home and eliminate these pests.

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