Stinging Insect’s Queen Death Does Not Mean Death of the Hive or Nest

Getting rid of the queen in a bee or wasp colony doesn’t have the effect you might be expecting. While you might think that killing the queen will destroy the entire colony, this isn’t what happens. Instead of trying to eliminate the queen and colony, you should be hiring professional stinging insect control in Monmouth County.

Bee and Wasp Queens 

Killing an entire colony by eliminating the queen is a common concept in sci-fi stories, but it works much differently in real life. The queens in bee and wasp colonies are there to make sure that the population continues to increase. These queens have no effect on the colony overall in terms of controlling everything. When you get rid of the queen, a new one can take over and continue the colony’s reproduction. In order to fully destroy a nest or hive, you need to get rid of the entire colony. This can be a dangerous task to attempt on your own.

Stinging Insect Control

What should you do if you have stinging insects in your yard or home? Rather than dealing with them yourself, you should let professional pest control experts take care of this problem for you. This helps ensure safe bee or wasp nest removal.

If you need stinging insect control in Monmouth County, contact Allison Pest Control. Our experts can safely eliminate stinging insects from your yard or home.

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