What to Do When You Find Centipedes and Silverfish in Your Home

Centipedes and silverfish are long, thin pests that can make NJ homeowners cringe. While these pests aren’t a big threat to humans, they can create problems by damaging household items in some cases. In addition to pest control in Monmouth County, there are other ways to keep these pests away.

Professional Pest Control

Having professional pest control experts come to your home for centipedes or silverfish is the most effective way to ensure that infestations are fully dealt with. These professionals can use products that get rid of these pests. You can also expect to have an inspection done to find out where they are and where they might be coming in from. These inspections are an important part of lowering the risk of having centipedes and silverfish come back.

Centipede and Silverfish Prevention

Centipedes prefer living outdoors, while silverfish are found inside more often. Homeowners can keep both of these pests at bay by eliminating food sources and places for them to hide. This means vacuuming and sweeping floors, clearing crumbs off tables and counters and getting rid of clutter around the house, especially in dark, damp areas. Taking these steps can help you keep your NJ home free of centipedes and silverfish.

If you’re dealing with a centipede or silverfish problem, contact Allison Pest Control. Our company offers dependable pest control in Monmouth County for a wide range of NJ pests.

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