What Happens to Yellow Jackets in the Winter?

When it’s cold outside, you’ve probably noticed that you don’t see yellow jackets buzzing around. What happens to these stinging insects during the winter months? Although you might not see yellow jackets outside, you could end up needing a Freehold exterminator if they find their way inside your home.

Winter Weather and Yellow Jackets

Freezing temperatures aren’t good for yellow jackets. In fact, the cold kills these bugs off, which means they’re unable to build their population. However, yellow jackets try to avoid this by finding warmer areas to go before the cold hits.

Yellow Jackets Inside Homes

Unfortunately, yellow jackets sometimes head inside residential buildings, including houses and sheds, in order to survive the winter. They can build nests inside walls or in garages and attics if they go unnoticed. Once they get inside, they will continue building their colony bigger and bigger.

Dealing with Yellow Jackets

If you find any yellow jacket nests inside your home or in another indoor structure on your property, you should avoid trying to get rid of them yourself. Instead, have our professional pest control experts carefully and safely eliminate yellow jacket nests.

We will remove yellow jacket nests for you, so you don’t take the risk of being attacked by these stinging insects when they try to defend their home.

If you have yellow jackets in your home this winter, please contact Allison Pest Control. Our can have our Freehold exterminator get rid of these pests before their nest gets any larger.

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