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Our Pest of the Month is the House Mouse

House mice can become a common sight in fall and winter for those who live in NJ. These rodents can manage to get inside homes and build nests inside walls and other sheltered areas, which helps them stay warm when it’s freezing outside. Learn more about house mice and why you might need pest control services in Monmouth County to deal with these critters.

Hardy House Mice

House mice weren’t always found in NJ or even the U.S. in general. These mice originally came from parts of Eastern Asia, where they lived in arid grassland regions. Over the years, these rodents made their way to other parts of the world while also developing the ability to go without water for fairly long periods of time.

Lots of Litters

One of the problems with house mice is their ability to produce large numbers of offspring in their short lives. Females can begin having young when they are just 2 months old. Mice give birth to up to an average of eight offspring in each litter, and they can have up to eight litters throughout their lives.

Common Characteristics

House mice grow to be under 7 inches long. They have hairless tails, large, rounded ears and a grayish coloring.

When you have house mice in your home, we can help. Please contact Allison Pest Control to learn more about our pest control services in Monmouth County.

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