What Health Hazards Are You Exposed to by Mice and Other Rodents?

Mice and rats can become an issue for homeowners in NJ when the weather gets cooler. These rodents don’t seem to mind being outdoors when it’s hot outside, but they look for a warm place to stay during the colder part of the year. If they get into your home, you might need professional pest control services in Monmouth County to get them out. Otherwise, these pests could cause health problems for you and your loved ones by spreading the following diseases.


This bacterial disease can cause a high fever and other symptoms, depending on where it enters your body. Some forms of tularemia cause an ulcer to form at the site of infection, while other forms do not cause ulcers. This disease can become life-threatening and require immediate care, although many cases can be treated with antibiotics.

Lymphocytic Choriomeningitis

This viral disease, known as LCM, spreads through exposure to feces, urine, saliva and contaminated nesting materials from house mice. The early stage of this illness causes nausea, a fever and other common symptoms, while later stages can cause meningitis and other serious neurological problems. In severe cases, this disease can lead to permanent nerve damage.

If rats or mice have made their way into your home, our pest control services in Monmouth County can help. Contact Allison Pest Control for more information about our services for NJ homeowners.

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