How to Check for Mice Before You Move Into a New Home

When you’re planning to move into a new home, make sure you’re not going to have unwelcome guests there with you. It’s important to check for signs of a mouse infestation before the move. Look for the following signs that you might have mice in your new home and get help from NJ rodent control services if needed.

Check for Mouse Droppings

Although the place you’re moving into should be clean, you might find evidence of mice by looking around for droppings. Pay close attention to the corners of rooms, where mice tend to feel safest.

Check Under Appliances for Nests

Mice often build nests under refrigerators and stoves, since these appliances provide them with a warm area and bits of food. If possible, move the stove and fridge to look for any mouse nests that might be there.

Look for Gaps

Mice can easily get into homes through gaps, cracks and holes. In fact, these openings can be as tiny as 1/4-inch, and mice will still be able to squeeze through. Have any openings you find sealed up to prevent mice from getting in. You should also check for loose floorboards and have these fixed up to keep mice out.

If you need NJ rodent control services at your new home, please contact Allison Pest Control. Our technicians can provide you with safe and dependable service to get these rodents out of your home.

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