Why Do Some Ants Fly?

Ants are a common reason for NJ homeowners to need pest control in Monmouth County during summer. These pests are normally seen crawling around outside, but some are able to fly at times. Although flying ants aren’t a typical sight, there is a particular time that you could see this happening.

Winged Ants

Which ants are able to fly, and why can’t others? The ants that end up having wings on a temporary basis are the ones that are responsible for forming or contributing to the start of new colonies. Queens and some males have wings for the purpose of taking to the air for mating and flying to the site of a new colony. Other ants in an established colony don’t need these wings, since they perform other functions, such as guarding against threats or digging tunnels.

When Do Ants Fly?

You’re most likely to see flying ants in July or August, but this depends on the weather conditions. Ants typically fly when it’s hot and humid outside. Queens mate with males in the air, then store fertilized eggs in their abdomen. As for the males, not all of them make it to the new colony.

Whether you have flying ants or crawling ones in your home, you need professional pest control in Monmouth County to remove them. Contact Allison Pest Control for more information about our NJ pest control services.

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