Understanding Why Ants Love Making Your Kitchen Counter Their Home

Ants … they’re just like us. Well, they do like to hang out in kitchens. What makes this room such a popular draw for these pesky insects? Our expert exterminator Monmouth County NJ explains why you’re likely to spot ants marching across your kitchen counter.

Why Do Ants Love Kitchens?

Many of our activities revolve around food and drink, and the same holds true for ants. They’re attracted to proteins, so crumbs of food on countertops and floors or in sinks prove irresistible for these opportunistic pests.

Like many of us, ants are also known for having a sweet tooth. Odorous house ants, a frequent target of our exterminator services, are often referred to as “sugar ants” since they are often discovered buried within sugar bowls meant for coffee.

While ants don’t need excessive amounts of water, they do prefer damp areas. Kitchens tend to have a lot of moisture, especially if there’s a leaky pipe.

Tips for Preventing Ants in the Kitchen

• Immediately clean up crumbs and spills on floors and countertops. If you have dirty dishes in the sink, rinse thoroughly to remove all debris.

• Keep trash containers tightly sealed.

• Wipe external residue from food containers before placing in cabinets.

• Check for leaks underneath kitchen sinks.

• Carefully store excess pet food.

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