5 Tips to Keep Your Restuarant Pest Free This Spring

As spring arrives and people begin venturing outdoors, many of them will head to your restaurant to meet up with family and friends. Don’t let a pest infestation send them back out the door. Our Spring Lake exterminator shares valuable tips for preventing pests from taking up residence in your restaurant.

1. Keep dining areas clean.

Remove crumbs and debris from tables and seats as soon as diners have finished. Don’t forget to check the floor underneath the table, especially if kids have been present in the dining party.

2. Store dry food items properly.

  • Use tightly-sealed containers to prevent pests from gaining access.
  • Store food a minimum of 6 inches off the ground and 12 inches away from walls.
  • Practice first-in-first-out methods to ensure that food doesn’t sit in storage for long periods of time.

3. Check floor drains.

Food waste can easily become trapped within the grates of floor drains, so clean them regularly. Use of chemical cleaners serves as another deterrent to pests in search of food particles.

4. Minimize exterior lighting.

Brightly-lit signage makes your restaurant stand out, but it also draws unwanted attention from insects. Keep exterior lighting to a minimum and place it at a distance from the restaurant’s front door and windows.

5. Monitor entrances and exits.

When the weather is sunny and warm, it’s tempting to keep doors and windows open, but that’s an invitation for pests to enter. Keep doors and windows closed whenever possible. If you do want to open them, use screens and air curtains to eliminate potential points of entry.

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