What NJ Residents Need to Know About Hornets

Hornets are among the most dreaded pests that homeowners deal with during our warm seasons. These stinging insects are related to wasps and bees, but hornets are much more aggressive than their cousins. Find out why you might need a Manasquan exterminator if you have a hornet problem on your property.

Physical Appearance

Hornets are often mistaken for wasps, but they have several noticeable differences in terms of appearance. Hornets tend to be rounder than wasps, which have a thinner abdomen. Some hornets can grow to be over 2 inches long, although most tend to grow to around 1 inch in length. Hornets are usually brown in color with yellowish or reddish markings.

Hornet Behavior

Hornets are social insects, which makes them highly likely to sting if their nest is threatened. Hornet stings are usually more painful than bee stings, and these bugs don’t lose their stinger after stinging as bees do. Instead, they’re able to keep stinging repeatedly in order to defend their nest.

Hornet Nests

How can you tell if you have a hornet nest in your yard or home? Their nests usually have a spherical shape and are built in higher places, such as in trees or under roof eaves. It’s important to avoid trying to remove a hornet nest on your own, since these insects can be extremely aggressive and attack in large numbers.

If you have hornets at your home and need a Manasquan exterminator, contact Allison Pest Control today to learn more about our services.

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