New Jersey Wood Damaging Pests: The Powderpost Beetle

When you think of pests that destroy wood, termites and carpenter ants might come to mind first. However, there are other types of pests that can damage wood in your NJ home. Powder post beetles are one of these kinds of pests that you might need NJ pest control for if you have them in your home.

What Do Powder Post Beetles Look Like?

These beetles grow to be up to one-quarter inch long as adults. They’re a reddish-brown color and can be identified by their long, flat and narrow bodies.

What Woods Do Powder Post Beetles Eat?

There are different species of powder post beetles around. The wood that they eat depends on their species. For example, some only eat hardwoods, while others eat softer woods, such as pine. These beetles cause damage to wood over many years as they feed.

What Kinds of Damage Do They Cause?

These beetles consume wood, which weakens it over time. They also tunnel through wood and leave small exit holes behind when they emerge from hiding as young adults. You’re more likely to see them in April through July, which is when most of them exit their wood tunnels.

If you have powder post beetles or other wood-destroying pests in your home, give Allison Pest Control a call. Our technicians offer NJ pest control services to get these kinds of infestations under control quickly and efficiently.

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