Hornet Versus Wasp, Is There a Difference?

Hornets and wasps are both a threat to people and pets, since they have painful stings. However, they’re not the same. Whether you have hornets or wasps on your property, it’s important to have Brick NJ pest control experts get rid of them.


Which are more aggressive, hornets or wasps? Hornets are known for being highly aggressive and can sting multiple times. Hornets are also social insects, so disturbing a nest can result in getting attacked by many of their defenders.

Several types of wasps can be aggressive, certainly more so than bees, and they can sting multiple times. While some types of wasps are social, others are solitary.

Physical Appearance

How can you tell the difference between hornets and wasps? Their appearance can help you determine which one you’re dealing with. Hornets have abdomens that are more rounded and thicker than wasps. Wasps have a more slender abdomen and typically have brighter coloring.


Hornets usually build their nests in trees, bushes, shrubs, and underground. They might also build their nests under eaves and other structures. The more social types of wasps build their nests indoors and outdoors. Solitary wasps typically don’t build nests, although they might spend the winter months indoors. As it gets warmer, these wasps normally try to head back outside after leaving their hibernation.

If you have hornets or wasps in your home, please contact Allison Pest Control for help. With our Brick NJ pest control services, you can have these pests removed as safely as possible from your home or yard.

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