Kill on Sight: How To Identify and Destroy Spotted Lanternfly Eggs

Spotted lanternflies are invasive bugs that first came to the US in 2014 from Asia. These bugs have made their way to NJ over the years, where they’ve been a nuisance. Being able to identify and destroy their eggs, along with knowing when to have a NJ exterminator deal with them, helps keep their numbers down.

Spotted Lanternfly Egg Identification

Spotted lanternflies lay eggs in masses of 30 to 50. These egg masses have a putty-like coating on them, which protects them from harm. Since female spotted lanternflies can lay a few or more egg masses per year, this can add up to a large population of this invasive species. These bugs lay their eggs between September and November. You can find these on trees, as well as on softer surfaces, such as outdoor furniture.

Tips for Destroying Egg Masses

How should you get rid of spotted lanternfly egg masses? Scrape them off the surface they’re in, then put them in a container. Add rubbing alcohol or hand sanitizer to the container before sealing it to kill the eggs. This helps prevent the eggs from hatching, which helps keep spotted lanternfly numbers lower. While these bugs don’t bite, they can harm certain kinds of trees and leave a sticky substance on many kinds of outdoor surfaces in your yard.

If you have a spotted lanternfly infestation and need a NJ exterminator, please contact Allison Pest Control. We can help keep this invasive species from harming trees and causing other problems.

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