Do You Have Bed Bugs? How to Do an Inspection

When you think you might have a bed bug problem, it’s important to find out for sure. Early detection of these pests helps prevent them from causing a widespread infestation in your home. You can check around your home for signs of these bugs, and have professional Monmouth County pest control experts handle them.

Look in Common Hiding Spots

Bed bugs can fit almost anywhere in your home thanks to their small size. However, there are certain places that they tend to hide in. You can start your own inspection by checking these common areas first. Grab a flashlight so you can see better, then run a credit card along edges and inside crevices in these parts of your home. Some of the areas to focus on include mattress seams, couch and chair seat cushions, baseboards and carpeting along walls.

Check Other Areas

Bed bugs could also be hiding out in other parts of your home. Even though you’re less likely to find them in these areas, it’s still a good idea to check. Some of these spots include drawers, curtains, behind outlets, inside picture frames and inside electronic items. If you find even one bed bug, look into NJ pest control services right away.

When bed bugs keep you from getting a good night’s sleep, you can count on Allison Pest Control. Contact us for more information on our Monmouth County pest control services.

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