Wasps Cause Harm Despite Their Short Life Span – Here’s The Scoop

Although they don’t live long, wasps can easily lead to a need for NJ pest control services. Wasps can cause quite a few problems for NJ homeowners, even if they’re not around long.

Wasp Lifespan

Just how long do wasps usually live? In many cases, wasps don’t even live to be a year old. In fact, worker wasps sometimes live for only a few months. However, queens can live for many years, which leads to higher wasp populations overall.

Wasp Problems

While some wasps are docile, others can be highly aggressive at times, such as when they’re out looking for food in late summer. During these times, you have a higher chance of being stung. Keep in mind that wasps don’t lose their stinger after one sting as honeybees do. This allows them to sting people multiple times. With some wasps attacking in groups, this can become a dangerous situation for NJ homeowners.

Wasps sometimes build nests in the ground, which makes them hard to notice. Homeowners can accidentally disturb these nests while walking around, resulting in a wasp attack. Some wasps build nests inside homes or on structures near homes, such as garages and sheds. Having pest control technicians locate and remove wasp nests is the safest way to deal with a wasp problem.

If you need NJ pest control, contact Allison Pest Control to learn more about our services. We can find and eliminate wasp nests to prevent these pests from stinging you and your loved ones.

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